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"Im walking on cloud 9 after that "


"Can i book this again, same time next week and the week after and the week after that - ongoing "


These are actual testimonials from clients. Nuru Massage is now in Australia. A fantastic, sensual body to body experience unlike any other. Postures and positions where the practitioner uses her entire body to massage the entirety of yours. 

Using a slippery Seaweed Based Gel, The practitioner will slide and glide along your body allowing you a deep immersion and surrender to the experience. 

Its sexy, sensual and amazing. For singles and couples, Nuru Massage is an essential part of your lifetime experience. 

We offer Private Sessions in Melbourne & Sydney, Professional Practitioner Training - One on one or group training. And private Training for Couples to utilise in their own personal lives. 

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Trained Professionals



Trained in Nuru, Sukebe & Geisha Style Bodywork


Trained in Nuru, Sukebe, Geisha, Tantra & Cuddle Therapy

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Nuru, BDSM, Tie & Tease, Submission & surrender, Double Goddess. 


Nuru Massage Australia is offering Training in Nuru Massage including a profile space and assistance when setting up your practice. 

Practitioners are not hired by us and are all independent practitioners. 

Please contact us if you would like Training. 

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