Nuru Massage

Sensual Body to Body Experience



"I'm walking on cloud 9 after that "


"Can i book this again, same time next week and the week after and the week after that - ongoing "


These are actual testimonials from clients. Nuru Massage is now in Australia. A fantastic, sensual body-to-body experience unlike any other. Postures and positions where the practitioner uses her entire body to massage the entirety of yours. 

Using a slippery Seaweed Based Gel, The practitioner will slide and glide along your body allowing you a deep immersion and surrender to the experience. 

Its sexy, sensual and amazing. For singles and couples, Nuru Massage is an essential part of your life experience. 

We offer Private Sessions in South Melbourne, Professional Practitioner Training - One on one or group training. And private Training for Couples to utilize in their own personal lives. 

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NOTE: You will be allocated a practitioner according to your appointment time. We don't send pics.

Practitioners are trained and beautiful. 


Nuru Body to Body is a beautiful bodywork style. 

A sensual body to body intimacy, sensual and explorative. Using our own organic style Nuru Gel, we are able to give you the most immaculate nuru experience ever.


Imagine a gorgeous woman in a bikini or nude, sliding and gliding along your body allowing you sensual and powerful energies to flow. Touching with every inch of her own body and covering every inch of yours. 


She can also MIX Tantra into the Nuru Bodywork by Opening and expanding your energy centres, the goddess will massage your body using her whole and entire body. Not just her hands. 


Australias first Nuru Massage Establishment with several trained practitioners, we are sure to allow you a beautiful experience with this Bodywork. 


 Text today to make a booking. Give us at least 2 hours notice - would be ideal but sometimes last minute appointments are available. A days notice is always the best. 


Sukebe Chair sessions are available in Melbourne. 


A beautiful sensual ritual of the Nuru and Sukebe.

A specialist chair in a spa where you are washed and soaped up with soap lather and given a beautiful massage while being washed. 


 A stunning all-over ritual.


Another Alternative Style is a Seated Water Proof Chair for A Beautiful Lap Dance and Sensual Movements. 


Be seated, pampered, and allow the Magic of Nuru to Work. 


Add Sukebe to any session at no additional charge

Seated Wash Down Ritual. 

Mirrors surrounding you, wash and bathe eachother if you book in for a mutual session. 

Session Prices from


$250 1 Hour 

$375 90 minutes

$500 2 Hours

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