Sensuality, pleasure and vibrant health are your birthright.


Come relax and open to your natural bliss with Mia as your loving guide.


Activate and open your pleasure centres, experience empowering bodywork-work and receive the loving presence and touch of a Nuru Expert. Mia is a natural and experienced sensualist with a bubbly personality and loving presence.

Her spirit is joyful, warm and inviting. She creates a powerful space for you to surrender and transform. You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, inspired and empowered.

Nuru Sessions with Mia are sensational and awakening. You are invited to relax deeply, surrender and truly feel the power of your own energy. You will receive loving touch and experience more pleasure throughout your whole body. You will experience greater inner peace, deeper sleep, reduced stress and more natural energy.

 You will experience new feelings, sensations and meet yourself more deeply.  

Nuru is an amazing and intimate bodywork session of grace and beauty. 


Book in today via text on 0 4 7 5  7 8 2  2 4 8 for Mia and make sure you include her name in the text..