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Nuru Massage Playshop


Come as a Couple or be Paired as a Single

September 29 - Williamstown

S E N S U A L   N U R U      M A S S A G E


The Body to Body Experience.

Slippery, sliding, fun and intimate bodywork.

Experience this beautiful, ritualistic sensual bodywork experience with you and your partner.

Play with the energies of the body and slip and slide into a new dimension of intimacy.

This playshop is 3 hours of fun, pleasure and excitement and something you will want to come back and do several times.

This playshop is suited to :


  • Massage and bodywork therapists already offering massage to clients.

  • Couples wanting to spice up their love life or just curious of experiencing a group sensual activity without the need to touch others.

  • Singles wanting to massage and be massages for 3 hours .. for pure indulgence.


In this intensive training, learn skills, techniques and ways to offer Nuru Massage to Add to your reportoire.

An intensive experiential Training.

  • * Learn Body to Body Techniques.

  • * Learn how to use your other limbs and body as part of the Massage

  • * Learn Ways of balancing your body so your back and arms dont get sore.

  • * Experience a new way of sensual bodywork using Slippery Nuru Gel (or Alternative)


This is a once off opportunity for Massage Therapists and Massage Establishments to have their practitioners Trained in this highly skilled and amazing bodywork.


September 29


Price: $400 per couple. Single - $400

(For singles who dont have a body to work on - we could possibly arrange a body for your to use for an extra single person entry fee of $400


Locanted in cosmopolitan Williamstown.

Near all the restaurants, Williamstown Pier and Rotunda.

Afterward, enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants nearby with your partner.

If you are from the City, you can catch the Ferry from Federation Square or Docklands and come off at Williamstown. It is a 10min stroll from the Williamstown Dock.