Allow me to help lead you towards discovery. 

Some seemingly lost treasure buried deep within.

This discovery is the gift of a new set of eyes, bearing you with the gift of a fresh perception of the threads of our lives and the divine inter-woveness between.

Sensuality is the most intoxicating and exhilarating of the earthly pleasures. It is only our nature to carry these strong desires that brew within. As we quietly yearn for such consummate union, we in turn go through great pains suppressing placing ugly shame, unfortunately, where there should be of none.

It is said that our sensual energy is of the strongest our beings emit. Thus, endowing it with immeasurable abilities for healing and whole health. I would like to invite you to a space of unconditional love and safety. Here, I hope you become filled with liberation and the inspiration to consciously utilize these energies for your greater good.

My approach is a dynamic marrying between healing touch, sound and breath. As a lifetime student of metaphysics, and a large array of healing modalities, I will provide you with a most beautiful foundation for the reintroduction to our divine essence.

As we heal each other, we heal ourselves. To share this experience with you, I cannot express my gratitude enough.


To book with Evie Please text 0475 782 248 and mention her name in text to book. 

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